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PC Service

Custom PC Building

Interested in attending one of our LANs but don't have a computer? We build custom PC's!

Contact Us about your ideas, what games you'd play, and your current budget. Our PC building service is a flat rate of $50 in addition to the parts you'd purchase yourself.

Feel comfortable building your PC but need help picking out the right parts? We can help!


Contact Us and let us know your budget as well as the type of games you're looking to play!

PC Troubleshooting

Have a software or hardware issue on your PC? We can troubleshoot your issues and help you get back to gaming as fast as possible!


Contact Us with your issue or concern and we will get back to you with a quote. Prices vary for troubleshooting and repairs, but we will never charge more than $50!

Ready for some upgrades but don't feel comfortable installing them yourself? We can perform system upgrades for your PC!


Contact Us about your upgrade requests and we'll get the job done - you provide the parts and we can install them for a $15 fee. 

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